In this page you will learn about

  • What the CFA Charter is and what an important role it can play in your future
  • How SHP's CFA Program prep courses will help you improve your chance of success
  • Why students choose us
  • Responses to questions frequently asked by our students

Why is the CFA Charter valuable for you?

Earning the CFA Charter could help your career in finance skyrocket

Respect and Credibility

Since it was first introduced in 1963, the CFA Charter has become the most widely known and respected investment credential in the world.


The CFA Charter is recognized as the gold standard in investment management and finance, the definitive mark by which to measure the competence, integrity and dedication of serious investment professionals.

Global Recognition

The CFA Charter is not only well respected in Brazil. It will help you wherever your destiny leads you.

Career Prospects

If you’re looking for a passport to the world of finance and investing, then earning the CFA Charter could be the most important move you make in your career.

The CFA Charter will help you get there

Earning the CFA Charter could help you reach your goals and dreams
  • You may want to move up the career ladder, have more money or a good life abroad or you may want to be a respected professional or run a very successful business. In all of these cases, earning the CFA Charter could help you get there.

Prep course advantages

Earning the CFA Charter could help your career in finance skyrocket

Classes in São Paulo

The Internet is great but if you like the physical interaction, a classroom course may be right for you.
If you are unable to attend a class, you can join live or watch the recording wherever you are.
Classes at Rua André Fernandes, 205-A, Itaim Bibi.

Small Groups

Our students recommend us as we have small class sizes (smaller than 8) and are able to give each student individual attention.
This way we can focus much more on what our students are struggling with than if we could if we had larger classes.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have passed the exams that they prepare students for and have professional experience in accounting and finance to share with students.

Course materials included

All course materials are included: students receive slide packs, practice questions and a book of practice exams.


Study where you want, when you want, with the option to watch live online and recorded classes.

Live Online Classes

You have the option to watch the online classes in real time, so you join exactly the same classes as the classroom course students, being able to ask questions and interact during the class online, helping you to accelerate your learning.
The tutor will guide and help you learn.


You can watch classes later - useful if you miss or want to repeat a class.

Track record

We work in partnership with BPP, recognised as a Prep Provider by CFA Institute.
BPP has been preparing students for the CFA exams since 1997.
We use a proven teaching methodology of Learn – Practice – Consolidate to help our students maximize their chance of success

Value for Money

Small groups of students. The course lasts 100 hours and all course materials are included.
Students also have the flexibility to watch classes in the classroom, live online or recorded.
All this for just R$4,360 payable in 4 installments of R$1,090 or upfront with a 3% discount.

Maximize your chance of passing the exam

We will help you to earn the CFA Charter
  • With our offering you will have classes in São Paulo or live online with small groups and experienced instructors that have passed the exam themselves and all the material that you need included.
  • This will help you increase your chance of passing the exam.

What our students say about us

Earning the CFA Charter could help your career in finance skyrocket
Recomendo o curso para quem quer passar na prova. É bem completo e dá toda condição de se preparar muito bem. É importante para imprimir um ritmo de estudo adequado, discutir dúvidas e ampliar o entendimento e conhecimento. Além dos professores conhecerem muito o conteúdo, são dadas dicas e estratégias importantíssimas e fundamentais para o estudo e a execução da prova com sucesso. O material é bem abrangente e mais do que suficiente para qualquer candidato estar muito bem preparado.
Eduardo Campos, Lead Partner Vista FinanceLevel I CFA Program student
O curso da SHP é totalmente pragmático, orientado para capacitar o candidato a responder as questões da prova, tendo o conhecimento técnico e teórico como base fundamental. Os professores são excepcionais, verdadeiros “coaches” durante preparação para a prova.
Lucas Zampieri, Profissional de Mercado de CapitaisLevel II CFA Program student



Classroom (São Paulo)

Online (Live)

Course + Slide packs + Bank of Questions (Teaching) + Bank of Questions (Revision) + Practice Exam under timed conditions
+ BPP Practice Exams book (3 full exams)
(with discount coupon provided in webinar)
Additional e optional materials - BPP Exam Navigator pack

Frequently Asked Questions

These can be valuable even if you don't have questions yet
  • What are the payment options and which should I choose?
    You can pay in cash 3% discount or 4 instalments (R$1090 per month, R$1015 with the R$300 discount (for the online option only) given in the webinar).
    Payment only by bank transfer to:
    Banco: HSBC – 399
    CNPJ : 20.337.870/0001-68
    Agencia: 0336
    Conta: 01082-15
    We do not accept credit cards or bank cheques.
  • How many practice exams should I do?
    We recommend that all students do at least 5 full practice exams (the one provided to all students by CFA Institute, the one done as part of the SHP prep course, plus 3 additional ones from the book of practice exams). You need to have a book of practice exams to have a higher chance of success - studies show that passing candidates average one full practice exam more than failing candidates.
  • Which are the requirements to become a CFA Charterholder?
    ✓ Advanced level of English as all of the material and exams are in English
    ✓ Undergraduate degree or in final year of undergraduate degree (or have equivalent experience)
    ✓ Approved in the three CFA Exams
    ✓ 4 years of relevant work experience (can be after, during or before taking the exams)
    ✓ Professional references
  • What materials are included in the course?
    The SHP courses are based on the CFA® Program Curriculum, updated each year. E-books of the Curriculum are included in the CFA Institute exam enrolment fees (hard copies optional for $150 more).

    All course materials are included in the prep course price:
    ✓Slide packs - containing the most highly-examined topics and illustrating how they are examined
    ✓Practice questions - on the most highly-examined topics
    ✓Revision question bank - additional practice questions on the most highly-examined areas
    ✓Book of practice exams - 3 full practice exams at the same level of difficulty of the exam (or harder!)
    ✓There are also various providers (‘’prep providers’’) of additional optional study materials - the more you practice the better, but it's possible to pass without buying additional materials.
  • How can I know if my English/Maths skills are good enough to do the course?
    Try our Diagnostic Test now. As a guide, scoring above 70% indicates that you're ready to take the exam.
  • So what’s behind all of the demand for the CFA Charter?
    Simply put, no other investment designation carries the same global prestige as the CFA Charter. Employers increasingly recognise the value of the Charter and the difficulty of earning it.
  • Is the investment in a prep course worth it?
    Taking a prep course can help you earn the CFA Charter and access the benefits from this more quickly, which should pay for the investment in your studies many times over. With a prep course you're exchanging time with money, so to make the decision about whether to invest in one you should assess which you have more of - time or money.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    Please send an e-mail to info@shptraining.com, or call us at +55 (11) 3280 3181 or Skype shptraining. We will be happy to help.